Greyhound Therapy Day

Venue: Temora Club

Date: 14th December 2017

Time: 11am -1.30

  • Snacks will be provided

  • Can bring along a dog if want to

  • Please call the club and let us know if you’re coming

ACCELL Therapy is an evidence based treatment that has been around for 68 years, is proven with over 30 medical papers and published in Journal of Wound Care, amongst others.  


Accell therapy use Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT), a unique patented therapy, that is proven to work in 4 ways in the body...

1/ Increase circulation and lymphatic drainage- assists healing and recovery

2/ Relaxes muscle and increases nerve muscle communication

3/ Increases joint mobility

4/ Natural Analgesic (Pain relief) effec


Accell Therapy can be be used in key main areas for greyhounds-


a/ Recovery- speed and enhance healing and recovery, reduce post-race inflammation

b/ Rehabilitation Therapy- allows non- aggressive therapy to be administered immediately following racing to aid recovery, can be much gentler than other forms of physical therapy.  Musclewastage is prevented using this application where mobility has been affected.

c/Assists muscle injury and trauma, relieves bruising and oedema

d/ Anxiety- helps calm animals with Tranquillsage setting, having a hypnotic, calming effect on the nervous system. Great pre and post-race natural calmative

e/ Use in conjunction with other modalities and/or treatment programs, as a supplementary therapy such as laser, ultrasound, acupuncture and chiropractic therapy.

f/ To enhance breeding bitches in health during pregnancy, supporting whelping and neonatal care of young

g/ To enhance trainers health and wellbeing through assisting RSI, back, neck, feet and other soreness.


These are just a couple of uses that we have outlined here but there is no more versatile equipment available that can be used on your dogs