Participants are advised that Bulli will recommence solo trials post meeting from December 1, 2017

Trials to run:

  1. 590m Solo from boxes
  2. 580-530m slips
  3. 515m Solo from boxes
  4. 505m – 490m slips
  5. 472m fields; Maiden then performed
  6. 472m Solo from boxes
  7. 460-410m slips
  8. 400m fields; Maiden then performed
  9. 400m Solo from boxes
  10. 390-350m slips (behind puppy boxes)

No puppy box use or slips of less than 350m, dedicated time is available by booking with the Bulli Club on a Tuesday or Thursday.


Field trials will remain $5 per greyhound Solo trials $13. Tickets must purchased prior to jump of Race 10 (November-April) Race 9 (May-October) to ensure compliance with the GRNSW Hot Weather Policy. Participants with runners engaged in the meeting must ensure greyhounds are kennelled or in air conditioned trailers / vehicle before being issued with a trial ticket.