The NSW GBOTA today welcomed the announcement by GRNSW that it has appointed its Chief Executive.

GRNSW Chairman, Morris Iemma, announced today that GRNSW had appointed Tony Mestrov as its Chief Executive. GRNSW, a body appointed under the Greyhound Racing Act 2017, is empowered to drive the commercial future of the NSW greyhound industry.

NSW GBOTA Chairman, Geoff Rose, described the finalisation of the appointment as another important step in the NSW greyhound industry’s re-structuring.

“A lot has happened since the NSW Government’s initial and ill-considered decision to ban our sport on July 7, 2016,” said Rose.

“Industry stakeholders have been resolute in supporting the change required to ensure our industry has an ethical and sustainable future.

“The reversal of the ban, the separation of peak body regulatory and commercial functions, the appointments of highly credentialed Board of GRNSW and Integrity and Welfare Commission members and now the lead commercial executive are all part of a strong base upon which we can now build.”

Mr. Rose added that it was highly important that the industry’s operating model continued to have animal welfare at its centre whilst also ensuring that its regulatory framework was responsible, fair and workable.

“As part of our ongoing strategic reform, our industry must find a way to address the commercials… our commitment to sensible, workable reform must be complemented by a business model that is under-pinned by a recurrent revenue flow that includes market share returns on all wagering performance.

“Greyhound racing turnover in NSW increased by 4.7% in 2016/17 which demonstrates that the wagering public support the reform changes we have made and the product we supply, we just need our fair share of what we generate.

“On the positive, political awareness of the commercial unfairness that applies to some of our wagering arrangements has never been greater, we need to convert that awareness into an appetite for supporting actual change.”

NSW GBOTA Executive Officer, Brenton Scott, also welcomed ongoing announcements in the bedding down of the future operating structure, confirming that the NSW GBOTA would seek to engage with the new peak body structure with the intention of quickly re-establishing participant confidence and investment certainty.

“The NSW GBOTA and the Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance proudly fought the Government’s prohibition attempt and we have supported sensible reform,” stated Scott.

“We will now work productively with the peak body structure and other key stakeholders to secure a future that is beyond political or public question; one where the welfare of greyhounds and the viability of participants are clearly prioritised.

“Putting in place a NSW greyhound industry vision and plan that will allow participants to understand and justify the industry’s commercial returns against their required investment is critical.

“This must receive immediate term attention and our focus will be on contributing positively and robustly to that process.”