Temora held 10 races on Saturday with low numbers through the gate due to football finals being on.

The heats of the Ex-Services Club Cup over 457m were the feature event along with Heats of the Railway Hotel Maiden, 3 of each were raced with some interesting finals to be had on Saturday the 16th September.

Race 1, Railway Hotel Maiden  Ht1, saw DURAMA MAGIC win in 19.50 for Stephen Cleary of Mandurama by ¾ of a length to MALLEE NISA and ELUSIVE CHANCE coming third

Race 2, Railway Hotel Maiden Ht 2, had FABWORRIER win by 3 ¼ lengths in 19.58 for Terry Grazules of Morven, beating MARY’S DESIRE and DANA BAMBI

Race 3, Railway Hotel Maiden Ht 3, Local dog CASH A ROO won very convincingly in 19.36 for Max McGovern of Temora by 4 ¼ lengths. This being the fastest of the 3  heats. 2nd and 3rd were DANA WAZ and DURAMA DIAMOND. (pictured below)

Race 4, Temora Ex-Service Club Ht1 of the cup, saw BEEGUMBAH RUMBA win in 26.49 for Vicki Prest of Young  by 6 ¾ of a length to FRED THE WEAPON and DING YING

Race 5, GBOTA Stake 4/5th grade saw DANA PIPER win in 19.64 for Rodney McDonald of Cowra by a head to DANA MEZZA and DANA MOOCHA. Rodney taking out all 3 placings in this race. (pictured right)

Race 6, Whites Shoex 5th grade over 330m saw another local dog get up and win for the excited family of Greg McKinnon in a time of 19.39 with WESTSIDE FREAK beating TANA’S ANGEL and GLENDALE THOR  by 1 ½ lengths (pictured left)

Race 7, Temora Ex-Service Club Ht2, saw TOKEN CODE win in 26.70 for Domenico Lauricella of Lloyd by 1 ¼ lengths to WHO SAID THAT  and ARIZONA XENA

Race 8, Cornfords Hardware 5th 330m had Local trainer Leonard Sargood win in 19.66 with MALLEE QUEEN by 1 length to WESTSIDE NIPPA  and FULLY GWARNIFIED

Race 9, Temora Ex-Service Club Ht3, saw Dirk Bosman of Holbrook win with BUDGE in 26.99 by ¾ of a length to WILD JOSH and AVA THE WEAPON 

Race 10, Temora Security Services 5th 330m had QUADZILLA win for Gordon Herbert of  Young in 19.74 by ¼ length to MAC’S INTENT and ARTHUR DUNGER (pictured right)

Temora will hold the 2 finals on Saturday and hope to see you all there to support the locals who made it into the finals and to support your local Ex Services Club and Railway Hotel