Participants are advised that nominations for the 2017 AGRA National Championships are now open.

NSW State heats will be conducted at Wentworth Park on August 5, with the State finals on August 12. The winner of State Final’s will represent NSW at the National Championships, which will be conducted at Albion Park, Queensland on Friday, August 25.

Participants should be aware that in addition to the standard AGRA National Championship requirements, a statutory declaration (available here) must be completed and submitted with the dedicated event paper nomination form which is available here or at a range of NSW venues.

Wentworth Park will be able to assist participants with the completion of the statutory declaration with a JP on course for all June meetings, except June 17. Participants can then submit both their dedicated event nomination form and statutory declaration to the race night office for lodgment to GRNSW and Racing Queensland.

Nominations close on Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 12noon. Participants are however encouraged to complete as soon as possible to ensure relevant paperwork is completed and lodged in time.  Participants will have until 9am, Tuesday, August 1, 2017 to withdrawn their nomination with GRNSW grading department should they wish to do so. Nominations will be only accepted on the dedicated nomination form; page 4 of document available here 

Up to four heats of the NSW State Sprint and Distance series will be drawn where nominations allow. In the event less than 32 nominations are received GRNSW and NSW GBOTA retain the right to determine the number of heats conducted.

Further details can be obtained from the NSW GBOTA on 0285871202 or GRNSW Grading Department on 0287670500. 

- Nomination Form 

- Statutory Declaration