The NSW GBOTA wishes to advise participants that changes will occur to the structure of Wentworth Park trials on a Tuesday night from July 1, 2017.

The NSW GBOTA is in the process of updated to the Trialbooker System, which will allow bookings to be taken from 6pm for both trials into the pen and finish on.

All trials must be booked by 3pm on the Tuesday, ensuring that there is an open and transparent system for all participants. The online functionality will be supported by phone support from NSW GBOTA staff.

In coming weeks participants will be able to register online at

The move will allow participants to trial in a specified window and exit once trials are completed and greyhounds are cooled down and hydrated. The changes in the view of the NSW GBOTA improve animal welfare by decreasing exposure to the lure for dogs waiting to trial, and participants.

While exact details are to be finalised, it is anticipated that bookings will open the Friday prior at 11am. Participants will be able to call 02 85871202 or log on to to book the next available trial.

Trials into the catching pen will be allotted 2 minutes per trial, while finish or lead ons being allocated 4 minutes.

Ten by 2minute slots will be allocated to a 'block' with the trainer to nominate at the time of booking the distance and type of trial needed. Once a block is full trials will be arranged so they flow in the following order:

Order per block, where trial booking exist:

  • 280m Maiden 4 dog field - papers required at boxes
  • 280m Solo
  • 200m slip
  • 280m Finish On
  • 280m Box to Box Finish On
  • Catching Pen slips
  • Catching Pen Finish On
  • Post to Post
  • Post to Post Finish On
  • 520m Maiden 4 dog field - papers required at boxes
  • 520m Solo
  • 520m Finish On
  • 520m Box to Box Finish On
  • 600m slip
  • 600m slip Finish On
  • 720m

The tractor will be circulated around the track following every 20minute block - has a maximum of 10 trials.

Implementation has been held back until July 1, so that the hoop arm is in place and consistent between into the pen and finish on trials.

All trials require a muzzle to be worn, no muzzle = no trial. This will be particularly important with the hoop arm given increased chance of damaging the carriage and therefore delaying the trial session.

Once teething issues are worked through, the NSW GBOTA will assess roll out at all NSW GBOTA tracks.

Information sessions will be undertaken at Wentworth Park race meetings in the lead up to system roll out.