“The proposed ban is not law. It still needs to be passed by the Legislative Assembly and this has not happened,” said Brenton Scott, Chief Executive, NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers’ Association (GBOTA).

“We are angry and disappointed that this ban was rushed through the State’s Upper House but now have hope that the bill will be more fully considered before the Lower House meets again.

“This is an important issue – it should have been dealt with in the appropriate, regular manner which involves proper Parliamentary debate. We continue to ask for a fair go for our industry.

“We call on Members of Parliament to listen to their communities and give our industry the opportunity to prove we can change.

“We have put a strong, credible alternative on the table. We have put forward a strong plan, with four key guarantees, and this provides a much better option than a rash ban of the entire industry that will destroy the lives of 15,000 participants and employees.

“It is now up to Members of Parliament to stand up for the rights of their constituents and to protect the wider community from the significant damage that a decision to pass this through the Lower House will bring.

“We will also continue to fight through legal channels. It is our view that that bill should not be passed until the Supreme Court challenge and the validity of the report on which the decision is based is determined.