Temora Greyhounds raced on the Saturday 16th December, this being our last meeting of 2017 and fundraiser for Brad Nixon was held at the track to raise money for Brad as he has been diagnosed with Cancer. Along with that we had heats from Temora To Bathurst and Wagga, as well as the branch awards for the year, making it a packed night.

We had a 10 race card and raffles, jumping castle, snow cones, face painting, the works were put on for the occasion

Race 1, Brad’s Day Fundraiser Maiden 330m was called a no race when the front dog came out of the pack like a bullet catching the lure.

Race 2, Thank You Supporters Maiden 330m saw Gotta Charcoal win for Gary Anesbury of Lake Albert in 19.41 by a head to Jaggered Iles and Country Fantasy.

Race 3, Ladbrokes Temora to Bathurst Heat1 330m saw Oscar Winner win for John Buttsworth of Bathurst in a time of 19.05 winning by a neck to Dana Bella and 6 lengths away Only Three

Race 4, Ladbrokes Temora to Wagga Heat 1 457m saw Joe’s Desire win for Terry O’keefe of Cootamundra in a time of 26.23 by 3 ¼ lengths to Texy Boy and Lorella 

Race 5, Branch Trophies Night stake FFA 330m, saw Al’s Desire win in 18.91 for Terry O’keefe giving him his 2nd win for the night. Winning by 4 ½ lengths to Beegumbah Burst and Dana Piper.

The branch awards for the year were presented after this race, with Beegumbah Burst winning the Greyhound of the Year for 2017, Trained by Bradley Ashton during the year and owned by Chris Edwards. The Trainer of the year went to Len Sargood and the Owner went to Glenn Schwencke.

WE also had our long-time board steward retire, Bill Levy and we did a presentation to Bill, thanking him for the many years he spent as steward at the Temora track.

The Raffle and prizes were drawn now for the Brad’s Day fundraiser, drawn by club president Bill Schwencke and Brad’s mother Karen Nixon. Karen said they raised a little over 5,000 dollars and we thank all the people who donated items for the raffle and to everyone who bought tickets. Thanks to all which supported.

Race 6, Ladbrokes Temora To Wagga Heat 2 457m saw Lady Fusion win in 26.54 for Rodney McDonald from Cowra by 4 ½ lengths to Arizona Xena and Ninja Sloy

Race 7, Ladbrokes Temora To Bathurst Heat 2, 330m saw Smart Desire win for Terry O’keefe from Cootamundra giving him a 3rd winner for the night in a time of 19.22 by 1 length to Cash A Roo and Dana Crazy

Race 8, Ladbrokes Temora to Bathurst Heat 3, saw Quadzilla win for Gordon Herbert from Young in 19.51 by 4 ¼ lengths to Garcia and Outlaw Bruce

Race 9, Merry Christmas Pathways stake 330m, saw Country Greg win for John Scott from Grenfell in 19.39 by 7 lengths to Calm Dream and Queen Ollie

Race 10 Ladbrokes Temora to Bathurst Heat 4 saw Willow’s Secret win for Wesley McDonald from Springside in 19.35 by ½ length to Dana Skye and Green Thief

The dogs going into the finals are: Wagga on 22nd, Joe’s Desire, Texy Boy, Lorella, Dana Kadi, Lady Fusion, Arizona Xena, Ninja Sloy, Dolly’s Lad, 1st Reserve: Dixie the weapon, 2nd Reserve: Our Moo Moo

The dogs going into the final at Bathurst on 1st January are: Oscar Winner, Dana Zeke, Smart Desire, Cash A Roo, Quadzilla, Garcia, Willow’s Secret, Dana Skye, 1st Reserve: Green Thief, 2nd Reserve: Dana Crazy

Temora Greyhound Club would like to Thank all their sponsors for the past year and all the workers who have contributed to make the club and grounds look and work to perfection for the past year.

Hope you all have a merry Christmas and new year, we are having a break from racing until 3rd February as we will be cementing around the track under the running rail during January

Happy Racing