Temora 8th December 2018 meeting held 12 race programs with the temperature predicted to reach 36 degrees. The night started of warm but not too hot for the dogs to make some excellent racing under the stars and the annual greyhound branch awards for 2018 took place, as well as 4 heats to Bathurst TAB B meeting on 17th December.

Race 1, Whites Shoex Maiden 457m saw the red dog take the honers for Rosemarie Camilleri from Crookwell with Milady Hope in 26.56 winning by 7 lengths to Sycamore Fifi and Lost at Night who was also trained by Rosemarie

Race 2, Club Xmas Party 16th Stakes 457m 3rd grade saw London Tom win for Lorraine Roy from Wallendbeen in 26.55 by 6 lengths to All In Houston and Handpass

Race 3, Temora Cup 1st week in March 2019, FFA Stakes saw Extreme Chance win for Lorraine Roy from Wallendbeen in 18.93 by 3 ¾ lengths to Take the Spot and Mr Automatic; pictured left.

Race 4, Ladbrokes Temora to Bathurst 0-2 wins Heat 1 saw Jason’s Chance win for Lorraine Roy of Wallendbeen giving her a triple for the night, In a time of 18.96 by 2 ¾  to Robert Victor for Rodney Morley and Mia’s Toy for Mervyn Pinney

Race 5, Next Race Meet 2nd Feb 2019 saw Trip Aces win for Vicki Prest of Young in 26.58 by ½ head to Country Fantasy and Heza Saint

Race 6 Heat 2 Ladbrokes Temora to Bathurst 0-2 wins saw Red Hot Chance win for Lorraine Roy making it four wins for the night in a time of 19.27 by a head to Lofty Smith for Faye Herbert and Yukon Jack for Cherryl Buick

Race 7, RJ Luke entertainment /events stake saw Little Ace win for Vicki Prest from Young giving her a double in 26.72 by 1 ¼ lengths to Master May and Chrystal Lodge

Race 8, Ladbrokes Temora To Bathurst heat 3 saw Myriong Master win for Ben Talbot from Wagga in 19.10 by 2 ½ lengths to Dana Gem for Rodney McDonald and Gypsy’s Magic for Suzanne Stedman. Winner pictured left

Race 9, Sureway WFD Stakes, saw Dreamtime Vision win for Gordon Herbert in 19.34 by a head to Foxy Molly and Bull’s Babe

Race 10, Ladbrokes Temora to Bathurst heat 4 saw Magic Blaze win for Suzanne Steadman from Kingsvale in 19.22 by 6 lengths to Game Time for Len Sargood and Forty Love for Edward Sanchez. Winner pictured right. 

Race 11, CVGT Stakes saw Cawbourne Slider win for Edward Winters fro Cootamundra in 19.30 by 2 lengths to Country Greg and Narna Cake

Race 12, Community Service Stakes saw Tammy’s Chance win for Lorraine Roy of Wallendbeen giving the kennels 5 wins for the night. Time of 19.20 by 1 ¾ lengths to Indigo Summer and Brindle Shark

The Final list for Bathurst final is: Jason’s Chance, Robert Victor, Red Hot Chance, Lofty Smith, Myrniong Master, Dana Gem, Magic Blaze, Game Time and reserves are: Gypsy’s Magic, Mia’s Toy

Temora Branch award winners were: Greyhound of the Year Tilly Rockin trained by Chris Bootsma, Branch Dog of year: Glendale Thor trained bt Glenn Schwencke, Trainer of year was dead heat between Glenn Schwencke and Len Sargood, Owner of Year: Glenn Schwencke

Temora will have a break over January from racing and will resume on the 2nd of February with the lead up to the Temora Cup Carnival in the 1st week of March 2019

The Club wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and New year, hope to see you all in 2019 with plenty more racing to come and watch. Happy Racing

2018 GOTY Tilly Rockin'