Temora Greyhounds Saturday 21st April 2018

Temora 21st April 2018 our first day race meeting of the winter months saw 12 races on the day with the 3 major races, the Ladbrokes Challenge series and the Lest We Forget race for all our men and women who went to war.

Race 1 Railway Hotel Maiden 330m, a bit of rough racing at the start saw a leader emerge from the pack, BLOOMIN’ ROSE went on to win the race in 19.64 by ¼ of a length for ADAM OLIVER of Wagga beating FLASH FERNANDO and FLAMING BLU

Race 2 Peace Be With Us All Maiden 330m, saw TED WINTERS of Cootamundra win with CAWBOURNE SLIDER in 19.32 by 1 ¼ lengths to second HEY BRO and third SWANKY NATE

Race 3 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Challenge Series Stayers 570m, saw the favourite MISS WING WONG win for MARK BELL of Austral in a good time of 33.06 by ¾ of a length to second YANKEE’S ETHICS and third ROCKSTAR KERR

Race 4 100 year end WW1 Maiden 457m, had PETER SIMS of Illabo win with HAIL STORM in 26.69 by 3 ½ lengths to second HALLE ROCKIN’ and third BEEGUMBAH BLISS

Race 5 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Challenge Series Sprint 457m, Heat 1 had GARY KIMBER of Young win with CORLEONE KID in 26.25 winning by 2 lengths to TILLY ROCKIN’ and CRAZE’S GIFT

Race 6 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Challenge Series Sprint 457m, Heat 2 saw the One Box win TIA ROBERTSON from Boorooma with AQUA DIVERGENT in 26.03 by 3 lengths to STRICKLAND and HUXLEY

Race 7 Lest We Forget Stakes FFA 330m saw COOL BOOTS for GARY HARDING of Wangaratta in 19.05 by a NOSE to IT’S MY TIME and CRAZY JUDY

Race 8 Bill Cross Stakes 330m, with LIGHTNING MCKEY for JOHN SCOTT of Grenfell in 19.29 by a ½ length to COSMIC CHOIR and DANA CRAZY

Race 9 MSG Accounting Stakes 330m, saw GRAHAM THURKETTLE of Harden win with MALLEE TRUMPS in a good time of 18.99 by 2 ½ lengths to COUNTRY GREG and BUSTED FLAT

Race 10 Whites Shoex Stakes 330m, had SPIN THAT WHEEL win for COLIN OVERY from Wombat in 19.10 by 3 ¾ lengths to MARY’S DESIRE and COUNTRY FANTASY

Race 11 Wylies Newsagency Stakes 330m, saw local COLIN BRADLEY win with SCUBA PRINCESS in a slow time for the day of 19.56 by a NECK to WON JACK and PROUD PHOENIX

Race 12 Rex Perrot Lawnmowers Stake 330m, Lucky Last for local LEONARD SARGOOD getting a run with MALLEE QUEEN and taking the race out in 19.15 by 2 ¼ lengths to ARMAND BALE and GAME TIME

Temora will race again on 19th MAY 2018, hope to see you all then, Happy racing