With the agreement and support of Minister Anderson, GWIC have now released the Draft NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice for public consultation.
You may remember that the commitment to bringing in a new Code of Practice was part of the 2017 NSW Government’s Industry Reform Panel recommendation to drive long term welfare improvements across the industry. Ensuring welfare is our highest priority, is essential in securing the future of our great industry.
The new Code of Practice will bring together all the standards for keeping of racing greyhounds, welfare and husbandry practices into one document, and will reflect the high animal welfare priorities that we all already all have.
Before the code is implemented, GWIC will undertake a full consultation process, including consulting with participants, Clubs, GBOTA, and the General Public.
While this is an important development for continuing to improve the professionalism and standards of the industry, naturally you may be concerned with the new draft or new requirements, and how it is going to impact on you. To this end, the Commission have advised that they are will work closely with participants to give them reasonable time to get up to standard on key requirements, such as kennel sizes.
The Code is currently in draft form only, so members will have  time to digest it, and provide any feedback that they may have.

Members are strongly encouraged to download the materials from the GWIC website, or pick up printed copies from their local race track. Members can also speak with GWIC staff who will be visiting racetracks across February, or attend one of the public consultation workshops held by GWIC. Details can be found on the GWIC website.

Submissions on the Code are being accepted until 31 March. The NSW GBOTA will be making a submission, and welcomes your feedback on any matters. You can provide feedback to the GBOTA in a number of ways:
In Writing
PO Box 486 Glebe NSW 2037
By Email
By Phone
Kristy – 8587 1210
If you have any questions, please get in touch.