The Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission has published its 2018/19 Annual Report after it was tabled in Parliament today. Chief Commissioner, Alan Brown AM, said this is the Commission’s first full annual report since officially commencing operations on 1 July 2018.

“This report provides a comprehensive overview of what the Commission has achieved since we commenced operating as the regulatory body for greyhound racing in NSW,” Commissioner Brown said.

“It’s been a very busy year with the Commission oversighting 11,399 races conducted at 1,100 meetings. Almost 8,000 swab samples have been taken with 34 prohibited substances detected, which is a welcome decrease of over 50% on the previous year.”

“Our customer support officers answered 19,433 phone calls and renewed 3,913 participant registrations. Also, we inspected 747 kennel premises.”

The Commission has a team of 70 staff which includes veterinarians, stewards, inspectors, investigators and customer support officers.

“People are the Commission’s key resource, and we have brought together a skilled, experienced and committed team who are working with stakeholders to help secure a prosperous industry by improving welfare and integrity.”

A number of important initiatives have also been introduced during the year by the Commission as part of industry reform.

A Race Injury Review Panel has been established to analyse the circumstances contributing to catastrophic and serious race injuries, which will assist the Commission to develop preventative strategies to reduce the frequency and seriousness of track injuries.

Participants have been notified where swab samples return near-threshold levels for cobalt or arsenic so that they can change feeding, husbandry and medication practices to avoid an accidental breach of the rules.
The Commission has also made significant progress on the development of the new Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice, as required under the Greyhound Racing Act 2017.

“We have worked closely with the Greyhound Industry Animal Welfare Committee in drafting the new Code and we have consulted with Greyhound Racing NSW. The draft Code is expected to be released for comment by industry participants, stakeholders and the public in the near future.”

The Tracking of Registered Greyhounds program was introduced which will track the whereabouts and
status of all registered greyhounds.

Commissioner Brown said, “The program is risk-based, focusing on critical times in a greyhound’s lifecycle
using intelligence and other information to check the whereabouts of all greyhounds. The full
implementation of this program is a key priority for the Commission in 2019/20.”
“In November 2018 we invited participants to join the GWIC Industry Knowledge Network (GIKN), a
grouping of greyhound participants to discuss reforms and provide feedback on the Commission’s

“This year GIKN members provided advice about such things as greyhounds racing and travel during hot
weather, provision of water on race days, breeding trends and practices, and online transaction services.”
The Commission undertook substantial enhancements to the industry’s registration systems and processes
to make it simpler and easier for participants to access the Commission’s services. The Commission is
committed to making further enhancements during the 2019/20 financial year with the roll out of a new
website and increased online access for transactions.

The Commission is also committed to improving public confidence in the industry by transparent reporting
of data and analysis. This includes quarterly injury reports, breeding facts and figures, and much more
analysis. Increased reporting will also take place in 2019/20 as more data becomes available to the

The Commission’s annual report can be viewed in full at