The Directors of the NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association met yesterday, Saturday, May 25 to discuss business and industry matters.

Lengthy discussion was undertaken on concerns raised by a range of participants over the past week on the charging of admission for trainers and trial opportunities on the South Coast.

The NSW GBOTA has been advocating for increased participant returns for a significant period of time, with focus mainly on the fair share of wagering being returned to participants. The Association will continue to do so given the industry and participants need better returns.

In order to deliver the requested admission removal, the Association will have to consider significant cuts to other member benefits in the short term and commercial opportunities. Given this, the Board have determined to canvas the full membership, given the Association represents Owners, Trainers and Breeders across the State.

The reinstatement of a second trial session at Bulli will be undertaken.

In addition, the NSW GBOTA will engage immediately with Greyhound Racing NSW as to the current distribution of wagering revenue to explore ways in which additional income can offset the cost to Clubs without removing any other member benefits.

Members which do not currently have their email registered are encouraged to contact Head Office immediately and provide details to ensure they are part of the member consultation. 

The NSW GBOTA looks forward to working with all parties proactively and positively to finds the best resolution for all involved.