The NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association is currently lobbying all NSW Political parties regarding the future of our industry.

Critical to the industry’s prosperity is the rectification of funding.

While all participants are aware of the unfair intercode agreement, political appetite to date to address this commercial agreement has been low.

What the NSW political system can fix is the current return rate of Tax Harmonisation and Point of Consumption Tax to the NSW greyhound industry. With formal reviews due in the 2019-2023 term, NSW participants need to use the March State Election to demand the industry’s fair share.

What you should now do:

  1. Get prepared, Election Day is March 23, pre polling opens Monday, March 11
  2. Confirm your local State Electorate

    Q.: Which NSW state electorate am I in?

    A.: Call 1300 135 736 (NSW Electoral Commission) or go online here (

  3. Know who you need to talk to in your area

    Q.: Which NSW state election candidates/political parties are standing in my electorate?

    A.: There are multiple options:
    The NSW GBOTA has a comprehensive list available Here (Excel format) or Local tracks.

    Visit ABC NSW Election 2019 website –

    Electorates at

    Candidates at 

  4. Review the NSW GBOTA Fact Sheets The NSW GBOTA has worked with respected analytical firm Benchmark Analytics to have facts sheets prepared that demonstrate how the industry isn’t getting its fair share.


    The information uses publicly available data to ensure it is credible. We know however, that NSW Greyhound Racing market share continues to grow, and prizemoney distribution remains unchanged, as at March 2019, despite income increases. Additionally, participants continue to incur increased costs to be a part of the sport. Copies are available online or at your local track.

  5. Write to your local candidates Q.: What do I write? A.: The NSW GBOTA has prepared a letter template (available in word format here), which you can get from your local track and write in each candidates name, sign the bottom, ensuring you complete your details (name, address and email). Also ensure you include a copy of the Funding is Unfair Fact Sheet. There is a word version of the template letter available on the NSW GBOTA website, which you can download and include additional information such as:
    • How many dogs you have: pups, racing and retired
    • Mention if you provide local jobs
    • Does greyhound racing keep you physically active and socially engaged ?
    • What does prizemoney get spent on ? Food bought from a local shop, kibble from the local pet store, fuel, car servicing, air conditioning for the kennels or trailer etc.


      If you can’t write, then call. It is important we make our voice heard, so every piece of contact matters.
      Q: How do I contact candidates to check their commitment to a fair go for greyhound racing?

      A: Call political parties headquarters, or visit your local candidates campaign offices:

      Liberal Party (NSW Division): (02) 8356 0300

      NSW Nationals: (02) 9299 5811 or 1800 672 263

      NSW Labor Party: (02) 9207 2000 or 1800 503 035

      Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party: (02) 9634 7251

      Christian Democratic Party: (02) 9633 3255 or 1300 667 975

      One Nation 1300 857 466

      Liberal Democrats: (02) 9719 1078


6.    Follow up. Ensure you get a response, having as many elected Members of Parliament on record to support our industry is imperative. If you can, meet with as many local candidates as possible, speak to them about what is affecting you.

7.    Volunteer. Find a local candidate to support, that supports you. Giving your time on March 23 at a polling station or prior at a pre polling site is important, and also means your local MP will remember you and your support. If you are unsure of how to do this, call the NSW GBOTA and Kristy Harper will get you in contact with the right person. Kristy’s number is 02 85871210.